Gonzalo Martre

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remedy To Enlarge Breasts Of Mangosteen Fruit and Papaya Green Algae

Each woman really want to have large breasts because it will look more sexy and charming. According to the study, about 75% of women worldwide have breast crave great to add sexiness and also the target of the men. To get large breasts, sometimes a lot of women who chose a dangerous path by performing or insert silicone implants in her breast.

mangosteen fruit for breast enlargement

 This method is very dangerous because it's silicone or breast implants that can be inserted into the cancer and very dangerous if the implants rupture and leak silicone into the cells or other tubu parts.

mangosteen fruit benefits

For those of you who want to increase the size of your breasts but are afraid to try anything like that, you can also make your own homemade concoction similar. The materials you need are not much just Mangosteen Fruit-Papaya-Green Algae.

Materials needed for breast enlargement:

     2 pieces of Mangosteen Fruit
    10 grams Green Algae
     Papaya fruit ¼

Making way:

    Take the mangosteen rind and wash and dry them. After that, destroy the mangosteen rind in a way pulverized, blended, or shredded.
    Wash ¼ papaya with warm water, then puree in blender or shredded.
    Combine green algae, mangosteen skin that has been crushed, and papaya that has been refined in a container and then mix evenly.
    Spread the dough for 30 minutes before taking a bath, then wash.
    You can also add and honey scrub to smooth the skin and lift dead skin around your breasts.
    Do not forget to frequently eat papaya every day.

Selected as a mixture of papaya because papaya dough contains enzymes that can tighten and plumping your breasts. Papaya is also enriched with vitamin A and fasteners hormone that stimulates female hormone spending and stimulate the ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone. Of the mammary gland hormones will be smooth and the ideal breast shape.

Why should the Mangosteen fruit ..?

Mangosteen fruit consists of three parts:
The skin (pericarp or rind), green skin (when raw) to dark purple (when ripe). In the skin color of the mangosteen contains anthocyanin compounds that have the ability as a powerful antioxidant that is xanthones.

Part flesh (pulp), milky white, has a distinctive flavor-a combination of sweet, sour, and sepat.

Section seed (seed), the outer layer is a thin membrane that contains xanthones and a bit part in a brownish yellow seed with a hard texture.

mangosteen skin antioxidant benefits. The main function is fighting antioxidants (neutralize) prooxidant or better known as free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules losing electrons. Consuming antioxidants from foods in large jimlah able to boost the antioxidants in the blood by 10-25%. Radicals will attack proteins, cells, tissues and organs in the body to stabilize the load. Free radicals induced by solar radiation, fumes, industrial waste, electromagnetic radiation, junk food and fast food and smoking habits.

Antioxidants can inhibit aging organs, prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, prevent blindness, as well as boosting the immune system. The properties of xanthones is to have activity as an anti-cancer properties, antibacterial, and antiinflamasi.Selain it also has the potential to maintain immune health and mental health support, and support microbiological balance, and increase joint flexibility. In addition to antioxidant Xanthones still has many other benefits for health. Among others as anti-inflammatory or inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antibacterial, antidiabetic, and anticancer drugs.